Advertising Stands offers renting and sales of advertising stands, including X banners, Roll Ups, Press Walls, promo stands and flags, as well as custom-made stands.

X banner, size: 80x180, 60x160

X banners are made of high quality plastic and aluminum. Along with the banners we provide special cases for safe carrying.

The construction is intended for indoor areas. Affordability is the key advantage of these constructions. They make a perfect solution for exhibitions, campaigns, parties, as well as presentations. 


Roll Up, size: 80x200, 85x200, 90x200, 100x200

Roll up banners represent a construction which is mounted on a stand’s aluminum base. Banners are ideal for any type of printing according to the scope of activity. Thanks to simple yet steady construction roll up banners are extremely convenient to use and move.

They are ideal for promo campaigns, exhibitions, presentations and showcasing of various products and services. The construction is intended for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The main advantages of roll ups are light weight, space efficiency and ease of use. Banners come with special cases that make carrying easy and safe.


Press Wall, size: 200x300, 300x300

Press Walls are considered to be one of the most impressive means of advertising, widely used during various events, such as press conferences, presentations, concerts, birthday parties, etc.


Promo stand, size: 85x185

The dimensions of promo stands make it possible for them to be installed in shopping malls, parks and outdoors to attract the consumers’ attention. As a rule, the stands are made of high-end PVC, which allows for easy conveyance from one location to another.