Outdoor advertisement

We ensure top quality of outdoor advertisement.

We specialize in making stands of various dimensions and forms with the use of miscellaneous materials, depending on the location where they are supposed to be installed. This is mostly metal, wood, PVC, as well as a combination of materials.

We undertake branding of transport vehicles, including decoration of automobiles, which is one of the best means of advertising and a perfect way to distinguish oneself for individual drivers.

We make advertising signboards of any form and dimensions, lighting boards, including light boxes, large posters intended for buildings’ external walls and certainly volumetric letters - 3D constructions, which maximally impress the passers-by and are considered to be the most efficient form of outdoor advertising. Volumetric letters are popular and reputable, while being a relatively cheap form of advertisement.

We show personalized approach offering comprehensive making of outdoor advertisement from the idea and design up to realization and installation.

Our professionals carry out accurate measuring and installation, i.e. assembling work.

The choice of materials is largely determined with the consideration of the environment ensuring durability of your advertisement.

Printing.am’s team readily embarks upon new, sophisticated and unique projects of any complexity, associated with outdoor advertising, which we carry into execution with utmost care and decency.