Wide-format Printing

Wide-format printing has a wide range of application especially in outdoor advertising, interior and automobile design. Printing.am provides services in wide-format printing onsite.

This is how large panels, signboards, banners, light boxes, façade posters and sizeable photos are printed.

We use advanced equipment and technologies which allow to achieve high-resolution well-defined pattern and text; all printed materials are weatherproof, so that colors don’t fade under the exposure of sunlight or rain.

Our photo printing on canvas with cutting-edge UV equipment gives an impression of oil paintings.

Printing on glass in offices or shopping centers, stained-glass, wooden boxes or other items and PVC is also done through wide-format printing.

This type of printing on various solid surfaces is also used for decoration of interior, TV pavilions, cinema halls, stores and concert stages. Along with printing and installation we also provide services in design where relevant.